Short Term Courses

C Language

At Galaxy Institute our specially designed C-Language course acquaint you with the detail course coverage of the language. The students will find it interesting as well as interactive with the highly qualified instructors explaining each concept and well experienced lab instructors assisting them with the codes

Advantages of learning C language:-

  • C is a building bock for many other currently known languages.
  • C is one of a large number of high-level languages designed for general-purpose programming, in other words, for writing anything from small programs for personal amusement to complex industrial applications
  • C was designed to give access to any level of the computer down to raw machine language, and because of this, it is perhaps the most flexible high-level language
  • C has features that allow the programmer to organize programs in a clear, easy, logical way.
  • C is succinct. It permits the creation of tidy, compact programs and the C programmer can balance simplicity and readabilitys
  • For the reasons outlined above, C is the preeminent high-level language. Clearly, no language can guarantee good programs, but C can provide a framework in which it is easy to program well

Course topics:

  • Introduction to c
  • An overview of c and features
  • Input and output operators
  • Decision making and looping
  • Arrays and string